Study Finds Least Happy AgeMiddle age is the worst. And of the worst, age 47.2 is the bottom, a study has found. A comparison of data from 132 countries analyzed the relationship between well-being and age, Bloomberg reports. A Dartmouth College found a U-shaped "happiness curve" over a lifespan, which hits its low...
Newser21 hours ago
Kids with deployed parents can get a free 'hug-a-hero' doll
The News & Observer (Raleigh, N.C.)2 days ago
Quinn on Nutrition: Nuts that are not nuts
The Monterey County Herald2 days ago
In the Middle of the Pack, a Green Puppy EmergesA white German shepherd's delivery of eight puppies went about as expected last week, except for the fourth one. That puppy showed up bright green, USA Today reports. "I started freaking out," said Shana Stamey, who owns Gypsy, the German shepherd. "But everybody was healthy." One comic book name sprang...
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