Stan Lee: Company I Founded Stole My IdentityMay 17, 2018 4:00pm

POW! Entertainment is speaking out against what it says is a lawsuit "completely without merit." It comes, surprisingly, from the company's own co-founder, 95-year-old Stan Lee. Filed Tuesday, the $1 billion suit accuses POW! of a "fraudulent" deal that gave the company "the exclusive right to use Lee's name, identity, image, and likeness on a worldwide basis in perpetuity," per the Hollywood Reporter.

Though Lee's signature reportedly appears on the agreement, no one told him of its contents, and "due to his advanced macular degeneration, he could not have read it himself," his attorney says.

In response, Camsing International, the parent company of POW!, tells Variety that Lee "clearly understood the terms of the agreements he signed." The allegation is "so preposterous" that the company "has to wonder whether Mr. Lee is personally behind this lawsuit," it adds.

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